Brassica Weeding Afternoon Monday 19th August

Come along and join the kaley fun next Monday 2-5pm, as we rescue our lovely green and red curly kale, red Russian kale, cavolo nero and purple kohl rabi from the naughtly redshank, fat hen and other weeds that have gone bonkers in the rain! Free coffee and cake included for volunteers, just let us know if you want to come!


OGA AGM 2019: 16th March

All Organic Growers Alliance members are encouraged to come along & attend our AGM, this year to be hosted by Mick & Alice of Rhos Market Garden, Knighton, Powys. We will also be running an unusual crop seed session in the morning before lunch, then the AGM will be at 2pm, followed by a farm walk, and later dinner for those who want to stay on too. Find out more information about the AGM and how to join here! We will also be revealing more details about the OGA’s plans for 2019, including the dates and details on the Jean-Martin Fortier tour of the South West, Scotland and Ireland this September that we have been busy organising…

New Year, New Seeds

Yes it’s that time of year again: January means the time to order seeds and do my tax return. Seed ordering is usually my reward for completing the return, so I was glad to file that bugger and then get on with the proper business of choosing what to grow this year.

Speaking of HMRC, they have been sending me ‘helpful’ letters recently, advising me to prepare for the ‘unlikely event of a no-deal Brexit’ – while this could mean almost anything in my line of work, I took it to mean order seeds: lots of seeds, and soon (even though they are mostly from the UK). I’m also going to have another go at growing aubergines this year: and also camomile, as I seem to get through a lot of camomile tea – I rather think this year might call for many cups of calming beverages.

I get the bulk of my seeds from Tamar Organics, and the Seed Co-operative, with a smattering of what I can’t get from there from other companies such as Moles. Most of the seeds arrived within a couple of days, so I’m looking forward to getting on with getting some early bits going in trays, such as lettuces, spinach, spring onions and fennel.