Beautiful Veg

IMG-20130822-00528Pretty pretty beetroot and tomatoes, coloured beans, courgettes, cabbage, kale, peppers, aubergines, cucumber, salad bags, coloured carrots, broccoli, squash… The hit of the tasters at the farm shop last Sunday was definitely the Chioggia beetroot, with its gorgeous white and pink rings; we were all enjoying the sweet raw flavours too. You can tell Chioggia apart from normal (also lovely) beetroot, as the leaves are a paler green with a pink tinge to the edges, and the roots are pinker rather than burgundy. Pretty salads ahoy!



Carrot Trials Latest

IMG-20130812-00515Early results from the carrot trial after another wheel-hoeing: and basically you can see that St Valery looks very good when compared to the other trial and control varieties. Three lines of St Valery are in the middle of the picture, with the tallest and thickest foliage growth, and have competed against weeds better too, especially compared to the three Amsterdam Maxi 2 trial to the left of St Valery, and Amsterdam Forcing, furthest three left rows. The one row of Napoli to the right of St Valery also looks good; and the mixture of coloured carrots (White Satin, Yellowstone, Purple Haze and Rainbow Bunching) which make up the rest of carrot rows to the right are fair. However, when pulled, the coloured carrots are the furthest along and largest (I sold a few young coloured bunches last week); with St Valery and Napoli next, and the Amsterdams last. Carrots will be pulled for bunching from this weekend onwards. Grab some at the Hartley Farm Summer Fayre this Sunday!