Optimistic for 2015?

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 14.32.33Despite being equally amused and depressed by Charlie Brooker’s 2014 Wipe last night (oooft, thanks a bundle Charlie), I noticed that even the angry man himself tried to look on the bright side for 2015 at the end (although the kaleidoscope of scary and tragic events already lined up did drag him back into Reasons To Be Fearful, 2014). However, I think there are a number of reasons to be cheerful for 2015; not least because of something I noticed on another of BBC2′ festive programmes, Christmas University Challenge. This episode featured Dr Helen Geake, alumni of York Uni, who annouced that she is standing for the Green Party in Bury St Edmunds in the next election. Yippee! Good news! This means that not only is voting Green/greenish an instinctive act of someone like myself (priorities: sort out the big issues of environment, health, energy, food, water access, inequality etc, rather than piddling about with marginal migrant caps in order to win votes), but also fits with the considered opinion of academic people too. So it makes sense to everyone then. Hurrah! Maybe trying to make the planet last a bit longer isn’t such a wacky and far-out idea! Maybe there are more of us than we think! Maybe voting Green is actually a realistic option after all!

So there’s that. Which is nice.  And also I’ve just put up my new wallplanner for 2015, detailing (roughly) the jobs for the year, including sowing crops, planting them out, getting the soil ready etc. Exciting times! Plus I’m now allowing myself to open up all the 2015 seed catalogues, so I can get ordering next week, ready for the first lot of seed sowing (at the end of January). I’ve decided to give up on outdoor carrots next year, and just to do early coloured carrots in the tunnel; I’m also ditching any brassicas other than kale and PSB; and doing far fewer French beans – so many more leeks instead, fennel, salds and herbs. Bring it on!



Christmas Come Early

Old Spice seed
Seeds seeds seeds…

SO EXCITING!! Christmas has definitely come early – pretty much all my regular 2015 seed catalogues are here! It’s so difficult to leave the pile alone until the post Christmas, almost-New Year lull: my Christmas treat to myself is curling up by the burner on a cold (probably wet) day at the end of December, with a hot something or other, working out my seed plan for next year. Yippee! By the way, if anyone has any special recommendations (for varieties, or even new crops altogether), please let me know. Once the new tunnels are up in spring, I’m hoping to have some space for new things. Mind you, I said that this year, and ended up sticking in more tomatoes and salads rather than brand new things…