Hartley Farm Christmas Fayre Sat 30th Nov

1461271_10152118318259879_1735037417_nCome along and enjoy the sunshine, 10am-4pm! The forecast is clear and sunny, but chilly: so I might well spend the whole time by the mulled wine… When I can tear myself away (or get gently escorted away), I’ll also be showcasing my lovely veg (parsnips, carrots, cabbage, mixed kales, celery, beetroot, rainbow chard, leeks), offering tangy salad leaf tasters (try with the range of sample salad dressings and sauces at the stall next door), and hopefully providing a range of interesting veggie recipe ideas for you to try with the veg at home. Oh, and there’ll also be some other people at the market too: such as Alice the hula hoop lady (give it a try!), and Ollie the green-woodworking craftsman, using his handmade bowl-turning lathe to produce lovely rustic bowls right before your eyes!

Plus: Face Painting
Willy Good Ales
Hobbs House Bakery
Leopard Dairy
Marshfield Ice Cream
Bradford On Avon Fudge
Honey & Daughter Cider
In a Pickle
Easy Jose
Seven Hills Chocolate
Elements for Life
Bay Tree
Ivy House Farm Cream
Jo’s Pantry
Young Blooms
Wiltshire Beekeeper
Duck Ruby
Box Candle Company

See you there for!


It’s Beginning To Look A Bit Like Christmas…

IMG-20131128-00680…in the polytunnels. No, not because they are covered in fake snow, tinsel and holly (although maybe ask me again in a week); but because some of the mustards are turning hot red in the chillier weather, and because the beautiful radicchio and rossa treviso chicories are radiating rich red colours. And these deep red and green colours simply say ‘Christmas’ to me! Surely the best Christmas Day starter is a crumbly local blue cheese, pears, sweet parma ham or spicy chorizo from The Bath Pig, and fresh salad leaves drizzled with a little balsamic: plenty of festive green and red shades from mustards, mixed lettuce, endive, bulls blood beetroot, claytonia, red Russian kale, mizuna and mibuna, chicory, shungiko chrysanthemum and chard. Totally tasty, fresh and pretty healthy too; leaving lots of room for the main event!

Hooh, Suits You Sir

Dressing to the left are we sir?
Dressing to the left are we sir?

Well I think we have already established that I have a very immature sense of humour at times, and still find certain carrots and parsnips hilarious when unearthed. I thought I’d celebrate the news that the Fast Show is returning with a picture of this little beauty, something that the two salacious tailors would enjoy: Gary the chef at Hartley’s café also found it amusing, before turning into a delicious Sunday roast.

IMG-20131115-00671Talking of parsnips, I started digging them up last week; although they are not enormous (hooh!), they aren’t a bad size considering the dry spell in the summer (I didn’t irrigate the carrots or parsnips at all, and relied on pulled weeds to mulch the ground) – and they taste goregous, especially simply scrubbed and roasted whole or halved. Hopefully I’ll have enough to last until just after Christmas; although some dire predictions have been flying round about how this winter is going to be the hardest in 60 years, with snow from now until February – so maybe it will be good to pull them all sooner rather than later. There will be plenty for the Hartley Farm Christmas Market next weekend anyway!