The Beast Lives!

IMG_20150521_113318 IMG_20150521_152833 IMG_20150521_173259Tunnel skinning completed! Amazing! Despite fighting the wind, and all 9 of us nearly taking off at times as Windy Winsley lived up to its name; and 14m x 31m of plastic made an excellent sail. Some swearing and lots of detemination later, we trenched the bad boy in. It feels really big too, so definitely going with Elephant Tunnel as a name. Big love to all the volunteers, we needed every single one of you or we made have ended up in Scotland…


One Down, One To Go…

IMG_20150515_154218Thanks to my trusty volunteers last week, we managed to get the trench dug & skin on the smaller tunnel last Thursday (which I’ve promptly planted out with peppers, chillies, basil & a few companion flowers). The original plan was to put on the plastic for the larger tunnel, but unfortunately the plastic that arrived was too small so we had to order larger plastic (14m x 31m, rather than 11m x 25m). Hurrah for the smaller tunnel & my land army! Much hot chocolate & lush carrot cake was scoffed in celebration once the plastic was trenched in for the smaller tunnel; and despite the gales this week, it’s standing firm.

Now the plan is to try & put the plastic on the larger tunnel tomorrow (Thursday 21st May), from about 11am – so if you are in the neighbourhood and can spare half an hour to help hold down the plastic while we fix it in place, please do pop along – there’ll be a lovely hot coffee & treats in it for you, the more the merrier! Drop me a line, and let me know if you’re interested.

Volunteer Afternoon Friday 15th May 2pm

IMG_20150430_1926511 IMG_20150501_1501391We’ve got 2 new polytunnel frames up, yippee! So the current plan is to put the plastic on during our volunteer’s afternoon on Friday, from 2pm; plus some other nice & interesting jobs on the go too – so come along! Drop me an email too if you’re thinking of coming, so we can get enough fresh barista coffee on the brew!