Feeling Fruity

IMG_20160629_093939 IMG_20160624_111502I’m trying to ignore the turmoil going on in the UK at the moment, figuring that getting cross at the ridiculous posturing and flim-flam of MPs and MEPs can’t do anyone any good at the moment (I’ll save my energy and bide my time until it will); so I’m concentrating, as always, on the market garden. Fortunately, the fields are full of distracting things at the moment – and not just weeds! The redcurrants are producing well and look gorgeous: whenever I lift the net to go and pick them, I am immediately accompanied by a watchful thrush that zooms over and waits on the fence post a few feet away for me to a) drop all the currants on the floor outside the net, b) go away momentarily, or c) leave the net off for good.

IMG_20160624_154800 IMG_20160629_093747In the tunnels the cucumbers and climbing French beans are doing well and have started producing; and the watermelons are flowering and have begun to set some fruit, which is very exciting! Watermelon all summer, woohoo!


I’m Off

IMG_20160609_134358…into the fields. It seems safest away from the turbulence of the day out there: only nature to deal with, and the results of the referendum to sink in. I really hope that all the people who have voted to Leave will actively work very hard to ensure that our food and environmental regulations do not weaken as a result of leaving the EU; if you have chosen that we do it ourselves, you must do it yourself too and not leave it to others. Dammit. Still, at least the soil has a soothing effect on the soul.

Planting Time

IMG_20160609_170749Planting planting eating planting planting sleeping planting planting… yes it’s that crazy time of year again, when everything is ready to go out at once. The latest batch of squash is in the ground now, alongside the courgettes, the latest batch of kales and kohl rabi are in, and now it’s the turn of the leeks to be transplanted out from their spring nursery in the polytunnel. About 1,100 leeks down, only another 6,000-odd to go… come on rain!