Quicky Update

IMG_20150715_110220Hasn’t time flown: and the season has been so manic I’ve had no time to post anything here. Oops. So in a 1 minute, this is the update:

Sun, dry, great for growing although leafy stuff starting to bolt (perennial weeds such as creeping thistles not bloody well suffering dammit); had some rain, BRILLIANT, but now a bit chilly at night. Stuff still growing well, and now the annual weeds are also thinking about poking up; fortunately well-timed green manures should keep them under control. Veg coming out of my ears, huzzah!

Ladybird army moves in
Pumpkins & squash coming on nicely
Flocks of swallows & swifts over polytunnels
Why kohl rabi is brilliant
Green manure of clovers, trefoil & lucerne under curcubits





Growing Growing Growing

IMG_20150709_154246 IMG_20150710_152655Yep, things are growing growing growing over here at the moment. So much so that there is an endless list of jobs to do: mostly weeding (I HATE BLOODY THISTLES), but also successive sowings and plantings of kales, lettuces, salads, rocket, herbs… the carrots in the tunnel have just come to an end, they did pretty well this year; the rows I half-heartedly drilled outside have pretty much all been munched (serve me right for not covering with a net) and thoroughly overgrown by weeds, so I’m going to cut my losses and just mow off, & either try something else there, or keep mowing and/or cultivating as a kind of green manure/bastard fallow. The squash, courgettes, lettuces, chard, brassicas (under nets because of rabbits/pigeons/cabbage white butterflies) and leeks all look great so far though, so huzzah for them! Also loving the soil in the new field – and distinct lack of creeping thistles there. So back to work then…

Pretty July

It’s been a manic June weeding weeding planting weeding weeding weeding; so a moment to pause & enjoy the flowers which look fab just now (and not just the edible ones either, such as herbs, nasturtiums and shungiko which are going in the salad bags). In particular I’d like to celebrate:

Cornflower Black Ball






Gypsophila Rosa






Random poppy which has popped up in the compost heap







Green manure Phacelia, beloved by bees, creating a wildlife superhighway in the field