Tuesday Fluff

IMG_20160707_153728 IMG_20160630_165518Weirded out by all the politcal shenningans at the moment? Finding it hard to find solace in satire when back-stabbings, vicious comments and inappropriate humming incidents are going on all around you, and much more ridiculous than even the excellent Dead Ringers team could come up with? Then relax and tune out with some of these lovely pictures of veg from the fields… aahhhhhhhh…

WIMG_20160707_095756e’ve weeded the squash and courgettes and wheel-hoed in some lovely green manure seeds just in time for the rain (Persian clover, red clover, lucerne, bit of trefoil); and currently going great guns weeding the brassicas too to reveal gorgeous kales and kohl rabi among the blasted thistles, sow thistles, red shank, couch and fat hen. When we’ve finished weeding we’ll undersow with trefoil and hoe it in, to try and keep the weeds down and give this patch a fetile head-start next year.

IMG_20160706_094704The melons are also growing rapidly each day; so I’m looking forward to picking one and giving it a try. Maybe we should just have a government cabinet made from fruit and veg, I wonder if many people would notice?