Bold Wildlife


Just checked the wildlife cam again after a few weeks: as well as many crows, jackdaws, pied wagtails, the local semi-feral grey cat, a speedy fox, streaking badger, many cheeky rabbits and a pigeon showing off to camera, there are also pictures of a very rude deer prowling the field not only at night, but also in the middle of the day. Seriously dude; 2.30pm?!


Growing Growing Growing

IMG_20150709_154246 IMG_20150710_152655Yep, things are growing growing growing over here at the moment. So much so that there is an endless list of jobs to do: mostly weeding (I HATE BLOODY THISTLES), but also successive sowings and plantings of kales, lettuces, salads, rocket, herbs… the carrots in the tunnel have just come to an end, they did pretty well this year; the rows I half-heartedly drilled outside have pretty much all been munched (serve me right for not covering with a net) and thoroughly overgrown by weeds, so I’m going to cut my losses and just mow off, & either try something else there, or keep mowing and/or cultivating as a kind of green manure/bastard fallow. The squash, courgettes, lettuces, chard, brassicas (under nets because of rabbits/pigeons/cabbage white butterflies) and leeks all look great so far though, so huzzah for them! Also loving the soil in the new field – and distinct lack of creeping thistles there. So back to work then…

Happy Brassicas

IMG_20141003_090109 copyI took the enviromesh net off the purple and white sprouting broccoli on Friday, since I think the cabbage whites must (must!) be finished now. Especially since hail is forecast for Wednesday! And if any sneaky caterpillars have found their way in, I’d rather the birds have easy access to them. However, I am slightly worried that the pigeons will see this as an open invitation to get guzzling; but apparently there is enough of other food sources around at the moment…

And now the net is off all the brassicas, it’s a chance to admire how well they look. The early crop of kales I tried (on the far  left of the pic) is very patchy, and most were munched. I really must spend the extras weeks getting the ground in better shape before planting next year, and give it an extra cultivation to get rid of the weeds; the later crop is so much biger and better. While weeding the brassicas a month or so ago, I tend to leave the legumes’ roots there; creating a kind of undersown crop of clovers, based on the green manure that obviously didn’t quite get completely destroyed this spring. But they don’t seem to have affected the main planting of brassicas. There were also a few spears of PSB to pick, which confused me a tad (in October!)… a welcome treat for the weekend!