Bradford on Avon Food Assembly

It was really exciting to be part of the new Bradford on Avon Food Assembly launch a couple of weeks ago: this weekly Food Assembly is every Thursday now, and such an easy way for people to click and collect local food! You simply go online to and then order what you fancy, from veg, salads, fruit, meat, bread, eggs, fudge, wine, microgreens and more, before 2am on Wednesdays; then come along to Mount Pleasant on a Thursday evening from 5.30-7pm to collect your order from the producers! Nicer, easier and generally cheape than ordering from the supermarkets, woohoo!


Hartley Christmas Market Saturday 28th November

12195080_10154114058489879_1500991084222845170_oCome along and stock up on veg (naturally), as well as yummy mince pies, mulled wine, naughty cheese, naughty chocolates… in fact lots of naughty things. But then buy a nice tasty and healthy mixed salad bag and it will all balance out!

More Awards

BGFA2013-60Look who’s been shortlisted for Best Local Grower in the 2014 Bath Good Food Awards! (At the bottom of the page.) Clue: it’s me. *Prepares speech; and disappointed face at the same time*. It’s great to see more producer catergories in these annual awards – a reminder that while the chefs and local shops do a sterling job, if it wasn’t for farmers, growers and other producers, they would have nothing to work with. Also great to see that Hartley Farm has been shortlisted for best local farm shop, and best local meat (which they won last year, see picture).