Farming Today

For those eagle-eared (perhaps owl-eared?!) listeners to Radio 4 at the crack of dawn, you may have heard yours truly on Farming Today last Thursday morning, chatting to producer Lucy Taylor about small-scale farming and growing during their week-long focus on small farms. If you missed it, catch it for the next few weeks here!


BBC Countryfile Winter Diaries

screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-17-16-49For those who missed it, have a virtual tour of a couple of the polytunnels and leeks patch courtesy of the BBC Countryfile Winter Diaries team last Tuesday morning! They came to film in mid-January on a rather nippy windy day, to see what you can grow in the winter, and also to get some tips on how to build a hot bed. (Series 1, episode 2, first broadcast on Tuesday 14th February.)