Prince Of Wales’ Food & Farming Summer School 16th-18th July

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 18.05.05This conference actually started today at the Organic Research Centre at Elm Farm in Newbury, but I had too much veg to pick, deliveries to make and beans to weed to attend the first day unfortunately. However I’m looking forward to going round Helen Browning’s Eastbrook Farm and Duchy Home Farm again tomorrow; and then further discussions on Friday back at Elm Farm, when I’ll be taking part in a panel on what the the future of UK farming will look like – I’ll be flying the flag for micro- and small-scale farms and smallholdings of course.

The school programme looks really interesting, and will gather together food industry leaders, researchers, civil servants, farmers and growers, charities and health professionals, to explore the problems of our current food system, and look at the many ways we can produce more food more sustainably. I’m really excited about the programme, and hope to convey the benefits of small scale farming and growing too (I will argue that we need micro, small, medium and large farms in order to meet future challenges); hopefully I can relay some of the excellent points made by the Land Workers’ Alliance too, showing that small economics can add up to big things. The new Food Research Council just published its Square Meal report this week too, so I suspect that much of this will be discussed: how to reconcile sustainable farming, enhancing nature, improving health and better food (choose organic, I hear you cry?!). Meanwhile hopefully my own place will behave itself and the weeds won’t go too beserk…