Last Orders Please

So we are nearing the end of a bountiful year: and as things start to run low (including my energy levels!) I’m stopping Farm Drop after next Friday 1st December, since we won’t have enough produce to supply these lovely people regularly (we will still have our produce available at Hartley, Neston and Mayfield Organic, plus a seasonal festive market in Lamb’s Yard in Bradford on Avon on Saturdays is planned…)

So Londoners, Bathonians & Bristolians, get your skates on a place an order now before we take a well-earning break over winter, when we’ll be planning crops and rotations for next year, ready to start supplying again as soon as the weather allows us. Don’t forget that if you’re ordering for the first time, quoting ‘GROWNGREEN’ will give you £25 off your first £50 shop, hurrah!


Farm Drop Bath & Bristol

Next week sees the launch of Farm Drop in Bath and Bristol, which is very exciting: think ethical online supermarket where you can order fresh produce direct from producers, to be delivered to your home the next day in their electric vans! They will be stocking some of my fab produce in September and October, 6 days a week (not Mondays as I’m having a day off!), so register and start ordering online now!

Wet Wet Wet

Well we have had some nice sunny weather in May & June, so I can’t really complain; although we do seem to have an establishes pattern now of hot and dry early summer, followed by cooler and wetter late summers. This is all fine if you can get all your irrigation sorted for the first part of the season, and have all the ground prepared for when you can’t get on it later on. However, it’s rather a pain when it comes to clearing early summer crops and trying to put early autumn produce in: also for getting on top of the weeds, as the buggers keep rerooting and reseeding, and if we spend too long weeding in the wet, we’ll trash the ground. Hey ho, and hurrah for polytunnels…

Meanwhile the crops are actually doing very well; as well as some lovely sunflowers, zinnias, gypsophilia and cornflowers, we’re now picking salads, fennel, courgettes, chard, spinach, kales and perennial herbs outside, as well as tomatoes, climbing beans, basils (check out our gorgeous Thai basil photo!), coriander, chillies, peppers and cucumbers inside. The cucumbers were almost a disaster following the destruction of the first lot by woodlice, but fortunately we’d sown a back-up second lot, and then quickly sowed a third lot too, so they are just a bit behind but catching up now.

At least the rain means time for catching up on paperwork, and blog posts!