Summer Crops

Argh no time no time, things need to go in, weeds need to come out… but at least some of the early summer crops are coming along well & now ready to harvest! Broad beans, climbing French beans and outdoor chard are joining the herbs such as dill (pictured), parsley, basil and savoury; salad bags and beetroot bunches from the tunnels; and courgettes should be ready next week after this lovely rain, hurrah!


Full of Beans

IMG-20130726-00509Pretty pretty beans. Trouble is, I keep stopping while picking them and admiring their beauty (slow work). I think I like the long climbing French beans best (much easier to pick and straighter), still growing in the polytunnel; although now the dwarf versions out in the field are ready too, and I’m picking them for the shop, café and pub.

IMG-20130809-00513I’m pretty sure it’s pointillism that uses opposite colours to highlight painting and complement colours, making them seem even brighter: and since purple and yellow are opposites on the colour wheel, you can really see the effect in these beans. Gurt lush.

The last of the broadies have pretty much been (bean?) picked now; and the trial soya beans are starting to produce little hairy pods, so I’m looking forward to seeing how they work out. Meanwhile, I’ll continue trying to work out what other purple veggies I can grow…