Bradford on Avon Food Assembly

It was really exciting to be part of the new Bradford on Avon Food Assembly launch a couple of weeks ago: this weekly Food Assembly is every Thursday now, and such an easy way for people to click and collect local food! You simply go online to and then order what you fancy, from veg, salads, fruit, meat, bread, eggs, fudge, wine, microgreens and more, before 2am on Wednesdays; then come along to Mount Pleasant on a Thursday evening from 5.30-7pm to collect your order from the producers! Nicer, easier and generally cheape than ordering from the supermarkets, woohoo!


A Baker’s Life

dsc_0581 dsc_0237While driving back to the farm the other day in the driving rain, grumpily getting ready to don my waterproofs and face another morning’s picking in the wet, muddy and cold fields, I passed Angie serenely cycling past on her way to deliver bread to Neston Park Farm. Angie & Nathan are my lovely baker neighbours at The Oven, the wholesale bakery at Hartley Farm, baking the most delicious sourdough loaves, sticks, ciabattas and flatbreads, using organic flour, and often with my herbs and some veg involved on the flatbreads too. They deliver to local cafés, restaurants, shops and do Bath Farmers’ Market on a Saturday too – all by bicycle.

dsc_0461Fdsc_0028or those who live in the area, you’ll know that Bath and Winsley are somewhat hilly, and it’s therefore even more amazing that six days a week without fail these guys get up in the middle of the night and bake their loaves, before delivering them by bike in the morning, no matter what the weather or how steep the hills. These breads are therefore the most eco-friendly loaves I know of.

dsc_0779dsc_0010So whenever people tell me what good work I’m doing when I trudge around covered in mud, rainwater streaming from my hair into my eyes, smelling strongly of leeks and covered in various leafy debris, I think of guys at The Oven; and that if they can cycle around in the wind and rain in the dark, I can probably manage to pick a few more kilos of kale in the day.