Stopping to Smell the Flowers

IMG_20160803_090749 IMG_20160804_125738 So July and August have been as manic as ever: harvesting, weeding, harvesting, sowing, planting, harvesting, weeding… now the leeks have been weeded, they were pretty much the last main crop that needed doing: we went up and down the rows, pulling out the weeds either by hand or wheelhoe, and they came out pretty well last week after all the rain. Now the soil has dried out again quickly, and is slightly baked already, making weed-pulling harder.

IMG_20160804_110200IMG_20160810_091732So it’s time to catch a breath and appreciate the beauty around. As well as the early dill and coriander that is now flowering, attracting tons of bees, hoverflies and other pollinators, the self-seeded blue borage is a magnet for bees of all kinds – just about 20 plants always sees what feels like 100 bees all over them.

Plus the sunflowers are now in full bloom, looking gorgeous among the fennel and other herbs: the bees are also enjoying these. As well as being great for wildlife, these splashes of colour do add something to the day job, and make each morning just that bit better. So after a slight pause to really look at them, it’s off again to start getting the early autumn veg sown and tunnels ready – but only after really living in the moment this summer, and enjoying this sunny weather while it lasts.

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