Feeling Fruity

IMG_20160629_093939 IMG_20160624_111502I’m trying to ignore the turmoil going on in the UK at the moment, figuring that getting cross at the ridiculous posturing and flim-flam of MPs and MEPs can’t do anyone any good at the moment (I’ll save my energy and bide my time until it will); so I’m concentrating, as always, on the market garden. Fortunately, the fields are full of distracting things at the moment – and not just weeds! The redcurrants are producing well and look gorgeous: whenever I lift the net to go and pick them, I am immediately accompanied by a watchful thrush that zooms over and waits on the fence post a few feet away for me to a) drop all the currants on the floor outside the net, b) go away momentarily, or c) leave the net off for good.

IMG_20160624_154800 IMG_20160629_093747In the tunnels the cucumbers and climbing French beans are doing well and have started producing; and the watermelons are flowering and have begun to set some fruit, which is very exciting! Watermelon all summer, woohoo!


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