Polytunnel Skinning Party: Thursday 5th May

IMG_20150521_113318I was thinking of trying to call in the troops to re-cover one of the ripped polytunnels this Thursday; however the forecast is looking a little too windy for my liking, plus rain showers are due too. So I’m now hoping that the following Thursday (5th May) will be a bit nicer. This polytunnel covering or ‘skinning’ will need plenty of volunteers to help hold down corners and get the huge sheet of plastic over the frame; we’re hoping to start at 10am and it should just take a few hours to get it into place, dig in the edges and baton it to the doorframes. We will then enjoy a free, delicious lunch from the Kitchen at Hartley, while looking proudly at our hard work, hopefully in the sunshine! If you’re interested in coming along and getting involved, please drop me an email kate.collyns@gmail.com, and I’ll keep you updated on the plans – and the all-important weather forecast!


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