Chilled Veg

IMG_20151113_151146You have to feel sorry for the pak choi really don’t you: just look at that naughty frozen hail (‘ice chunks’ would probably be a more accurate description). Once again, the BBC Weather forecast was right (no thunder though as predicted a week in advance, but they did drop that part of the forecast mid-week). Hail showers and heavy rain interspersed with sun. Thanks weather forecasters; the website is definitely one of my top growing tools – and it’s free.

So I thought I’d spend the afternoon under cover, getting the last of the big tunnels ready for salad (the still-to-be-officially-named New or Elephant tunnel): the tomatoes were finally cleared out yesterday, compost added and ground rotovated; then drip-line irrigation put back in place; and Mypex ground cover pinned on top. This afternoon was all about burning planting holes in the ground cover every few inches; and then planting the long-suffering last trays of salad leaves out. The Tat Soi pak choi was looking a bit delicate anyway, and being covered by sideways ice at 40mph probably didn’t go down well. I suspect the plants will be sulking now for a week or so, before they forgive me and start doing something (and I get round to putting proper doors on the tunnel to stop the elements coming in).


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