Productivity Survey

IMG_20140530_110949 copyIf you’ve not seen it already, there is an excellent survey doing the rounds for small-scale growers, farmers and smallholders, looking at how productive your land it. The idea is to collect some really valuable and useful data – it’s hard to push for small-scale producers’ interests, when we can’t accurately describe how productive we are, and only use anedotal evidence. Most of us small-scale growers, gardeners and smallholders believe that smaller spaces can be much more productive than some larger scale agri-businesses (usually down to more labour input, which isn’t a bad thing if it means more jobs and greater sustainability); so now we need the hard data and facts to prove it. Fill in this survey before the end of April and get your voice heard.

This is something I felt strongly about when writing Gardening For Profit 18 months ago – that commercial growers, no matter how small, should be aware fo what it is that keep their business afloat. After some calculations detailed in the book, my (surprising) top 3 crops in terms of creating turnover were chard, leeks and kale – although expensive crops such as salad bags and tomatoes also brought in a decent return, but with greater overheads. I can’t wait to look at the data from the survey, it will be amazing useful – and more so if most people take the time to fill it in, so get typing for the greater good!


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