Lean On Me (Shed)

IMG_20150328_135318Phase 1 of the lean-to extension is complete! Round the side of my shipping container (aka packing shed & tool shed), I’ve been wanting a shelter for ages to help keep things tidy and dry. We (by which I mean most of the work was done by a couple of willing friends, while I looked on & fetched the tea) put up a brilliant round-wood lean-to a few years ago, with clear corrugated roofing, to keep the worst of the rain off while going in & out of the shipping container; and keep some equipment like my wheelhoe slightly protected underneath. The idea now is to build this small extension in the same way round the side of the container; and then at some point join the tops up with more roofing, or slab wood, to make a nice big sheltered area to keep tools, randoms and people dry.

IMG_20150328_152653 IMG_20150328_150059So the chaps went to work yesterday, buzzing up some more local larch round-wood poles, and bracing with some 2 x 4 pine; and in just 4 hours I had the framework for the lean-to extension! It was so windy and rainy though that we decided it would be more sensible to wait until the gales had subsided before trying to fix the roofing (which shouldn’t take too long to screw in). Oli (in the hat) decided to make the structure even more stable by building in a work bench for me, yippee! This will just need a piece of slab-wood on top; we measured it to fit my most-used 150-cell module trays too, so this will also work as a potting bench. So I will have a cosy lean-to-cum-potting-shed, hurrah!


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