Turning Up The Heat

Removing the front panel shows how the manure has started to break down already

The hot bed temperature had dropped down to a steady 15-18C, so today I took off the top pallet & seedlings, and pulled away the front panel in order to turn the heap. It was amazing to see how much the heap had sunk in just a few weeks: and so much nice white fungal growth in there, breaking down the organic matter. A good stir-up and turn-over with a fork later and the heap had increased in size again since there was more air back in the mix, and the moisture is spread out more amongst the drier strawy ingredients; so hopefully we’ll see another small spike in temperature over the next few days, no doubt to the delight of the tomato and pepper seedlings on top. The top pallet went back on again, with the seedling trays on top – almost level with the top of the hot bed frame again, so a few inches higher than it had been over the last few days. I’ve put the fleece back over the whole lot again, since the night forecast is pretty low for the next week…

Once turned, the manure level is higher; pallet back on top with seedlings



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