Seeds Are GoGo!

IMG_20150312_130607So, being a good girl and following the notes I made myself on the wallplanner at the beginning of the year, I’m well underway with the spring seed sowing. The tomatoes, peppers and chillies have germinated (more or less, only a few chillies have appeared so far but that will probably be enough if nothing else happens); two separate batches of lettuces have germinated, the broad beans are starting to pop up, the rainbow chard and kales are looking good. That menas time to sow some summer salad leaves, to fill in the gap when the last of the overwintering stuff in the polytunnels will need pulling out in late April/May.

I sowed a tray (the usual 150-cell trays) of nasturtiums (this are my little salad peppery powerhouse, great for both leaves and flowers in the salad bags), plus another couple of trays of lettuce (more Drunken Woman, hurrah!), some salad burnet, red amaranthe, shungiku and red perilla (shiso) – I tried this tricksy leaf a couple of year ago, and the germination was dreadful; so I’m giving it one more go, just in case. The seeds are amazing, like tiny circular pine cones. Hope they make it to leaf stage this time…


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