Farm Gym: Volunteer Days

IMG-20130710-00480Fancy getting outside to stretch your hamstrings, build up your biceps, tone your waist and get a great all-round aerobic workout – all for free? We’re going to start up monthly volunteer “Farm Gym” days from April to September, on Thursdays or Fridays around the middle of the month (dates to be confirmed depending on interest and availability). Here willing workers can come and join in various horticultural activities, in return for wholesome outdoor exercise, gardening and food-growing experience, skill exchanges, fun and friendship – and, best of all of course, a free delicious lunch courtesy of the amazing Hartley Farm Café!

2013-09-05_13-25-06_680 SmallActivities will range from small building projects (such as making benches and tables, bird tables, wildlife habitat, polytunnel construction and skinning) to sowing and planting, weeding, harvesting, compost-making – and all the other intriguing little jobs that pop up in an ecologically sustainable market garden. Interested? Then email; please mention if you have any previous horticultural or relevant experience (none necessary for volunteering, but it’s useful for us to know – especially build skills, if you’re an expert welder, for example), and tell us what you’d like to get out of the volunteer days too (such as general experience, lots of exercise, socialising, practical skills, whether you really love weeding & have a personal violent vendetta against docks or thistles that you’d like to satisfy and so on).


We can also take volunteers or work experience students individually on other pre-arranged days. Please contact with your request, for more information.




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