Pop-Up Beds

Bottom layer of cardboard

It’s that time of year again – when I make raised beds! There is a huge stack of pallets accumulating on the farm (I think they multiply overnight when no-one if looking), so we’ve pried off the good planks and nails, and then turned them into a lovely large and sturdy raised bed. I’ve placed it on the old green waste compost footprint (now very couch grassy), and placed a layer of cardboard on the bottom to keep the perennial weeds from bursting through. Then I shovelled a load of the (rather weedy) green waste compost into the bed, until it was about half-full, then laid another load of cardboard on top. This was then weighed down with scrap wood to stop it blowing away; I’m hoping this layer will keep the couch at bay so it will die off before the cardboard breaks down at the end of the year. I’m going to order some new (and therefore weed-free) green waste compost in next month, which I’ll use to finish off the top layer of the bed, and then plant nasturtiums in it in the spring.

Second layer of cardboard, on top of compost

I might make another one or two of these beds – they are so easy (and cheap) to make – and after the nasturtiums, I’m hoping to use them for asparagus beds, once I’ve raised enough plants from seed this year.


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