Rabbit De-Fences

IMG_20150119_151300The sun was out all day today yippee, so despite the cold, the perfect day to have a crack at mending my mangled rabbit fencing round the field. One side had got caught up in a passing tractor/mower the summer before last, and I just haven’t had the time (well, inclination really), to mend it. However, this autumn the rabbits really have made themselves at home, and truly taken the Mickey – grazing of all the carrots I was hoping to save seed from this year, as well as having a go at the parsley too (and who knows what else). So we patched up that bad side with some new rabbit fencing: a right old pain, attaching the new fencing to the strips of buried old fencing remaining (there’s no way I’m redigging those trenches when there’s perfectly buried fencing to hand on to). We also banged in some loose posts (one good thing about sliding about in the mud, at least the posts went in easily) and tightened the straining wire; so all I need to do later in the week is carry on patch up the smaller holes and tears with hog ring pliers (my joint-favourite tool at the moment, along with fencing pliers. Just pliers generally).

The cows up in the big barns at Hartley Farm found it intriguing to watch me trundle past them to borrow the large post hammer and wheel it down to the field; then back again as the sun went down. There’s really nothing like the unflinching gaze of a cow to make you doubt yourself, is there?


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