Marvellous Mizuna

IMG_20141124_115439Just a short note in praise of the wonderful Oriental leaf that is mizuna: I’m cutting this patch for the third time this season, and it’s still plugging away at growing (slowly now) despite the low light and temperature levels. Three cuts already, hurrah! The pak choi (tai sai) was pretty good grow-wise too, but most was ravaged by caterpillars. After cutting back though the next lots of leaves look pretty good. The mustards (Purple Osaka and Red Frills) have grown well too; but most other things are being pretty slow… (they did go in late though).

IMG_20141201_130534I’ve made a good dent in the celery in 5-Penny tunnel, and hope to have cleared most of it soon, so I can bang in some brassicas, which will then be ready to cut when spring’s warmth shows up (seems a long way away today, brr). The celery has done well this year, so I’m planning to do a bit more next year too. Frogs and toads love the cover as they hop around underneath the canopy, and it’s great to have crops other than winter salad available at this time of year.

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