Pesky Pests

IMG_20141128_093819I’m going to try and avoid saying SLUGS SLUGS SLUGS in this post – ah darn it. Well, from now on then…

I’m leaving the last of the yellowstone carrots in the field since the ones I’ve dug now look quite carrot root-fly attacked (the net blew off, and since there was only 1 row, I didn’t bother too much about them) – and the leaves have clearly been nibbled by rabbits or something. So have the top leeks too, near the woods, neatly trimmed off just as the main stem turns to leaves, but sharp teeth (or beaks). The top end of the field by the woods also has this lovely large hole in the fence that rabbits probably started making, and then badgers barged their way through. That explains the badger scratches on the courgettes and squashes in the summer anyway. Another patching-up job to do in the winter…

IMG_20141201_110924Also I noticed that the overhead sprinklers in the 5-penny tunnel have been dripping for a while now, even though the watering is down to once a week (if that now). On unscrewing the timer section, I noticed a snail shell actually in the water pipe – I’m slightly puzzled as to how it got in there?! It was crushed again the timer top, just the shell left and had clearly been there some time. So I think some shell parts have got in the mechanism and jammed the auto-shutter on a little bit, enough to let a small amount of water through as a drip. So I’ve just put a straighforward tap on that tunnel now, since it won’t need lots of regular water, just the occasional irrigation through the winter when really dry. Blumin’ pests!


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