Award Winning Produce

IMG_20141116_191430Still rather recovering from the Bath Good Food Awards last night (a boozy schmoozy posh night out on a Sunday? Whatever next?!); and from scooping the Best Local Grower award! I’d convinced myself that as the smallest business in the shortlist (up against Upton Cheyney Chill Farm, and The Community Farm), I definitely wasn’t going to win; so was just chuffed to have been voted and selected for the shortlist. So when the lovely Ping Coombes announced the winner, I did have to wait a moment to let it sink in and double check, in case I did a Zoolander, and went up to collect an award meant for one of the other guys…

IMG_20141117_114724However, the screen on stage confirmed that in fact Grown Green @ Hartley Farm had really won; so I tottered up on stage in my unfamiliar high heels and posh frock to collect the glass award. Amazing! Thanks to all the judges, voters and supporters! I love you guys! I had to have a few glasses of wine to celebrate and giggle over it all of course; which then led to a late start this morning – and back to muddy Earth with splashy splat. Rather different footwear and surroundings in the field today compared to last night…


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