English Avocados?

IMG_20141106_160436While turning the compost heaps this afternoon, I once again found some avocado stones that had germinated – but these were in the end bin, and had therefore loved the fertile and free-draining warming compost there, grown pretty well and had actually put out some leaves! One of the plants was a really good size, and looks a year old already. I thought at first they were some kind of tough horse-chestnut seedlings or bay (the leaves are thick and tough like bay); and they are actually a member of the Lauriceae family, along with bay and cinnamon. Anyway, I pulled out the three plants and potted them up with a load of the compost, so fingers crossed they will be fine.

Apparently it is possible to grow avocados in this country; although I think they would probably have preferred to stay in the moist, fertile and warm compost bays (sorry plants). However, I’m hoping that if I make a nice snug section in one of the polytunnels (possibly the new smaller tunnel, with close-fitting doors), they will make it through the winter. Another exciting project for these dark days…


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