English Avocados?

IMG_20141106_160436While turning the compost heaps this afternoon, I once again found some avocado stones that had germinated – but these were in the end bin, and had therefore loved the fertile and free-draining warming compost there, grown pretty well and had actually put out some leaves! One of the plants was a really good size, and looks a year old already. I thought at first they were some kind of tough horse-chestnut seedlings or bay (the leaves are thick and tough like bay); and they are actually a member of the Lauriceae family, along with bay and cinnamon. Anyway, I pulled out the three plants and potted them up with a load of the compost, so fingers crossed they will be fine.

Apparently it is possible to grow avocados in this country; although I think they would probably have preferred to stay in the moist, fertile and warm compost bays (sorry plants). However, I’m hoping that if I make a nice snug section in one of the polytunnels (possibly the new smaller tunnel, with close-fitting doors), they will make it through the winter. Another exciting project for these dark days…


4 thoughts on “English Avocados?

  1. Hi I have a a few questions to ask I have been growing a avocado tree for sometime it still is in the glass jar in my kitchen I have noticed that it has a main stem plus 4 extras is that alright and how long do I keep it in the jar for thanks dave

    1. Hi Dave, I’m not much of an avocado expert but it sounds pretty healthy – is there soil in the jar? If not then would probably be worth potting it on soon, but still keeping it warm like it was in the jar. If it is in soil, you might need to feed it in spring depending on how much soil is there & how fertile it was. Cheers, Kate

      1. Thanks very much for your email Kate much appreciated I have just found out that I have put the avocado pip up side down all 5 stems are coming from the bottom ( don’t laugh I did) yes it is still in water I was told to cut off the other 4 stems to make the main stem stronger I don’t have the heart to do it please advise me what too do thanks dave

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