Arnie The Wonder Frog

IMG_20141017_170703Whilst preparing the Vole Tunnel last week for more salads, I noticed that there was a critter hopping around the lettuces. Excitedly I thought this might be Norman the toad, who makes occasional appearances around the tunnels; but in fact it was a frog with only one arm. This meant that when it (he?) hopped, he tended to do back flips when startled, and/or go round in a wide arc rather than in a straight line (a good tactic for avoiding predators?!). I thought for a terrible minute that I’d maimed him while rotovating earlier that morning; but the socket where the left arm was had completely healed, so it couldn’t have just happened. I wondered if he had been born that way, or suffered a trauma as a tadpole. Or been attacked by a predator; or otherwise had an accident (or perhaps my strimmer/lawnmower/rotovator had been to blame earlier in the year). Don’t suppose I’ll ever know for sure; but he seems a pretty happy frog, and looks otherwise very healthy. I’ve called him Arnie (like Armie, plus he obviously is determined enough to be a Terminator, and Came Back). I saw him on Friday in the next door tunnel, hopping away in his arc, so he seems to be able to get about well – and hopefully he is feasting on the slugs in the tunnels now. I hope he gets on with Norman…


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