Preparing The Ground

IMG_20141023_131632OK this will be the winter where I get LOTS of projects done. Hopefully. With any luck. Well, some, anyway…

The two main projects that are most pressing are the two new polytunnels I bought second-hand from Oxford at the end of the summer; now Richard and Keith have kindly moved the fence for me (sorry horses, your field is shrinking once again), I need to get the ground ready, then put the frames up. I thought about rotovating the prospective tunnel areas a few times, which is what we did to kill off the turf last time; but with all this wet weather, I’m not sure that’s going to be practical any time soon. So I’ve spread some manure and a little green waste compost over the areas, and covered with Mypex, to try and at least weaken the grass growing there. Then I can build the frames around the ground cover, and hopefully reaveal the cover when ready to show ready-to-rotovate ground. If I had more time and didn’t need to get these tunnels into production asap, I would like to try Charles Dowding’s method of cardboard, lots of compost, and plastic to cover it for 6 months or more. Maybe if the turf is still looking resilient in a few weeks, I’ll give up trying to get something growing there in the winter, and try no-dig until spring.

IMG_20141023_154128 IMG_20141023_154132


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