Green Manure Update

IMG_20141015_101338Yes ok you’re right; this blog post is partly an excuse to be inside during this filthy weather (it’s ‘filthy’ if you’re out in it getting wet & cold, and ‘lovely rain’ if you’re inside, looking out and appreciating its benefits). The cucumbers haven’t quite finished yet, so I can’t clear the rest of that tunnel out and get it ready for salads (Friday?); ditto tomatoes; so paperwork and blogging it is. Anyway, the green manure seedlings have enjoyed the wet weather; and it’s quite funny spotting the areas where I either spilt seed, or turned the crank handle of the broadcaster too slowly, letting more seed out over a smaller area. These thickly sown patches will be great though, and crowd out the weeds with gorgeous clovers and phacelia. Oh, drat it. I now have ‘Cecilia’ stuck in my head again (usually the Suggs version, rather than original Simon & Garfunkel or new Vamps/Shawn Mendes version); this always happens when talking about phacelia. I have similar problems with Mizuna Mata: “it means no worries… ” (apologies for spreading the ear worms.)


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