Award Winner?

gardening-for-profit-front-coverI have just heard that my humble little Gardening For Profit book has been nominated for a reference book award next month, which is very exciting. The only snag is that a shortlist of all the nominees won’t be announced before the award ceremony in November (so no one will know the winners or even the shortlist before they buy tickets and go); and a ticket to the award afternoon in London will cost me over £170. Now, I’d love to go, meet other authors, get involved in networking, celebrate the book’s achievements, and support the awards too; but as a veg grower, I always tend to view prices in terms of how many salad bags I’d need to produce and sell in order to pay for things. That’s a lot of salad bags. And I’d have to get to London too. So my options are a) try and raise the money some other way, but that seems unlikely, or b) write a cross blog post about the price and implied elitism of such award and events. If I’m feeling cynical, it rather feels like only the big-shot authors who are published by big-shot publishers would be able to go to these things. But maybe that’s just pre-emptive sour grapes. I suppose I could always organise a cheaper awards ceremony myself, open to everyone, where a shortlist is published before the awards and/or just a token payment is asked of around £20 to cover bare (cheap) costs – ie not in a London hotel, but somewhere like a horticulture college – and with prize-givers who would be happy to get involved and not charge high fees. Hmm; there’s an idea…


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