Bean Busy

IMG_20141010_152005A post to celebrate an under-rated star of this season: climbing beans. Sown in March and planted out in the Vole Tunnel in April, these little beauties were especially prolific in the early-mid summer when there wasn’t much else around; and carried on manfully with a harvest of beans pretty much every week. I think I’ve picked the last lot now, on Friday (the green Cobra beans at the top of the tunnel have been especially productive this year) – mind you I’ve been thinking that for the last month or so, and then another flush keeps appearing. But I really must clear out that tunnel next week, and whack in some winter salads that are waiting patiently in the module tunnel, so I’m pretty sure these bags of beans are the last of the season. But thanks beans; I’ll definitely put more of you in next season – when I’ll have more room once the new polytunnels are up…


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