Dill Suprise

IMG_20140925_155734 copyNow I look back at the summer, much of it is a blur of ground preparation, sowing, planting, weeding, picking, delivering, tunnel construction/destruction… I know I’ve missed the boat yet again this year on a number of successional sowings (I’d have liked to have had more spinach, lettuce and coriander underway now); and I thought I’d forgotten to sow any more dill too as it wasn’t written on my row labels – and then realised that I cleverly drilled half a long field row (to finish off a row of fennel) with the lovely stuff in August, and just forgot to add the info to the fennel label, hurrah! Mind you, it was only while weeding the fennel (which looks like dill froma distance) this afternoon that I realised, as I was surrounded by the lovely scent reminiscent of Greek tzatziki and aromatic pickled onions. Yum. I wonder if I managed to sow any other clever things in my summer daze? Here’s hoping…


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