Sunny Saladings

IMG_20140911_090032 copyI’m still enjoying the ‘catching my breath’ feeling from last week; although there is some weeding still to do (there’s always weeding still to do), it’s not desperately urgent, so I’ve been concentrating on tidying up a bit and taking stock. These cooler mornings are really great for picking, as the leafy things are quite happy in the cool damp mist, and the sun doesn’t come out until nearly midday, so leaving me plenty of time. The routine is currently: pick salad stuff from the tunnels first (just in case it does warm up), then go to the field and pick squash/pumpkins/courgettes/fennel/beetroot/radishes/kale/chard/lettuces/parsley/coriander/bronze fennel leaf, then back to the tunnels to pick cucumbers/beans (yes they’re amazingly still going!)/tomatoes/peppers/chillies/aubergines, then lastly herbs in the beds between the tunnels, such as savoury, garlic chives and nasturtiums.

IMG_20140915_154551 copyI’ve also strimmed and turned in the green manure (Persian clover) in the Fivepenny tunnel, and today I’ve planted the first lot of the winter salads (chicory, radicchio, claytonia, Bulls Blood beetroot) – it’s a great feeling to know that they are in now and will be enjoying this warm autumn to get growing. I also decided to drill a couple of rows of spinach next to the old row of salad burnet, since it was there in the way and meant rolling up the Mypex anyway (it’s still going too well to justify pulling it up just to put some other salad ingredient in). I will then be able to pull it up with the spinach when it finishes in winter, and pull the Mypex down and plant any leftovers that need to go in. The celery we planted last month next to it is looking pretty good too; hopefully not too long before it’s ready…


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