Beautiful Lazy Gardening

IMG_20140724_101600 copyIMG_20140724_121357 copyA post in praise of the lazy gardener (or should that read “time-strapped grower”?).

As well as the weeds-providing-shade-and-a-moist-microclimate trick (until the fine line tips and they compete for resources too much), being a little lax and prioritising other jobs is very important for biodiversity, and the soul. These endives went straight to seed months ago; but I haven’t the heart to strim them or pull them up because the flowers are gorgeous, the bumblebees love them, and they’re providing a bit of welcome shade to the beetroot and lettuces next door, as well as covering the soil and preventing it from drying out and capping. Likewise, the self-seeded borage is fought over by the honey bees, and I can use the flowers in salads (I keep meaning to try them in ice cubes too).

IMG_20140725_130725 copyThe pile of woodchip is still just sitting there from a few months ago, until I find the time to sort out a proper space for it; but it’s already been colonised by bandling worms (where do they come from?!) and fungi, both busy breaking it down into nice moist brown compost inside. I think some birds are also using the outside of the pile as an exfoliating chip bath. So deep breath: and hurrah for relaxed intentional gardening!


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