Bounty Hunter

IMG_20140724_104839 copy IMG_20140723_130402 copy IMG_20140723_130329 copyFlipping heck, the veg has gone nuts this week! Honestly, you take your eye off them for even a day at your peril this time of year. The 10+ varieties of tomatoes are now producing lovely multi-coloured fruits; along with the already prolific cucumbers, French beans, broad beans, beetroot, parsley, coriander, basil, rainbow chard, mixed lettuce and leaves for salad bags (salad burnet, amaranth, sorrel, summer purslane), nasturtiums, courgettes… Plus now the aubergines have started to perk up and join in, and the peppers are looking promising too. Picking is taking longer each day!

IMG_20140724_101933 copyI’ll say it again: I LOVE Crown Prince squash – there are some hefty fruits out in the field already, along with some good Uchiki Kuri and pumpkins. From what I can see of the leeks, parnsips and brassicas under their nets, they look pretty good too (although they are starting to get a bit thistley so will need sorting out over the next fortnight).

Despite all this busy-ness, I’ve also got to start thinking about autumn and early winter veg; so I planted out the first lot of celery in the Fivepenny polytunnel (sweat dripping onto the ground as I went); and I’ve just sown the first batch of chicory for autumn salad bags.

IMG_20140723_165602 copyStill, there’s plenty of time to enjoy the present time, and curent good weather – the forecasts suggest that it will last for another few weeks yet, huzzah!


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