Chocolate Mud Pies

IMG_20140721_115226 copyThose flash floods have made my parched soil nice and silty and fertile-looking again, hurrah! The field once again resembles a moist chocolate brownie, rather than dry and scratchy Shredded Wheat; almost good enough to eat! The weight of the rain droplets and volume of water dropped has meant that the soil is pretty capped where it was bare though, so it will be tricky for delicate seedlings to push through the solid crust when it dries out more. I’m still waiting for the weeds to realise that it’s rained, and go forth and multiply wildly. That rain should keep me and my plants going for a few more days anyway (the squash and pumpkins look amazing, with sizable fruits on them already); although in this heat I feel like my salad leaves – ready to wilt at any moment…


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