Weed Mega Overdrive

Spot the kale
Spot the kale

So I’m week two into the serious weeding business of the season, and already worse for wear. Covered in thistle scratches (will these buggers ever die off? They must have roots a mile down), and my back’s knackered too (ongoing sports injury that weeding really doesn’t help). Knees not too bad though, thanks to some investment in some gel kneepads used by floorers. It’s a good rewarding sight however, seeing a long winrow of wilting weeds in between your newly liberated crops: I can’t believe the early brassicas have survived, covered as they have been by sow thistle, thistle, camomile, thistles, poppies and dandelions.  And thistles. The weeds have actually done a good job again of protecting the plants from drying out too much; but now there’s been a spot of rain, it’s time for them to become a mulch in between the rows, and give the nutrients and water back to the soil. Only another week or so to go! And then I’ll probably need to start over again…


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