Leap Frog

IMG_20140630_143356 copyRighto, I’ll keep this brief because the World Cup Quarterfinals are on, and none of us want to miss that. The last week has continued the manic theme from the week before: usual picking/weeding/sowing/planting/random craziness characteristic of this time of year. I am trying to pause at lunch though, and smell the proverbial roses (rather chat to the wildlife – good news: one of the frogs from the pond is back hopping around outside the tomato tunnel!).

I’ve finished weeding the parsnips though, hurrah; so I took a picture to remember what it looked like weed-free as it won’t last long. I’ve just put in the last of the late kales too, and planted more fennel, and sown some dill, coloured radishes, bronze fennel, and coriander. Hopefully the forecast rain will settle everything in well, and bring on the next lot of lettuces that went in last week.

IMG_20140630_170629 copySince nearly stepping on a rabbit in the parsnips last week (that sounds like a line from a Carry On film if ever I’ve heard one), I’ve netted them using the rest of the leek net, and the new fennel, just in case…




IMG_20140704_162541 copy

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