Tunnel: Up!

IMG_20140612_163126 copyIMG_20140612_134337 copy  IMG_20140612_131921 copyYes, meet the lastest addition to the family: the new new little polytunnel! Since I’ve (tried to) rename the New Tunnel the Vole Tunnel, by the hedge, I could call now this one the New Tunnel; however maybe something like Barn Tunnel might stick better, since it’s the closest to the big barn. The boyf and I skinned in and got it all dug in in just a few hours; we’re getting pros at this polytunnel lark! It’s super hot in ther now (duh); I’ve just thrown a few spare tomato plants in there, sweet peas and leftover nasturtiums, and may put something in the other half; or just keep it covered until autumn salads/celery. So great to have more space; although no irrigation sorted yet… It’s a faff to water by hand, but doable for now since it’s so small…


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