Green Scythe Fair Sunday 15th June

© Ed Harding

I am really looking forward to the Scythe Fair down in Muchelney, Somerset tomorrow (from 11am) in this lovely jubbly summery weather! I’m sharing a stall with some green woodworking chums and also make hand forged tools; so if you’re at a loose end and fancy a true taste of summer, come along and say howdy in the shade of our shelter, before the scything competitions get underway (or indeed the beer and dancing). I’ll have mixed salad bags for sale, sweet pea bunches, pots of tagetes and mixed basils; plus of course there will be signed copies of Gardening For Profit: From Home Plot to Market Garden at a special festival rate! There’s always a great mix of delicious food (and drink), random things for sale, plants, kids area, books… all with a sustainable and environmental core. Perfect Sunday planned!


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