Pigeon Stalking

IMG_20140606_163636 copySeriously, the pigeons are taking the mickey now. They don’t even bother to fly lazily away when I arrive at the field; instead they sit there a few yards away, lying in their dirt baths, or strutting around the crops, taking a nibble at whatever they fancy: brassicas, endive, the odd weed. I tried throwing stones near them to scare them off, but they are also not that bothered about that these days. I nearly stepped on one in the strawberry patch on Friday – caught red-beaked; I apologise, blackbirds, for blaming you completely before – so I’m seriously considering taking my air rifle up there to scare them off, and/or provide the butchers with some fresh local birds.

However, there were still quite a few unblemished strawberries – which we had to eat ourselves of course, for quality control – so if I can keep the pigeons off, there might be some punnets in the farm shop next week. Depending on how many berries I scoff myself, of course…


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