Some Veg!

IMG_20140530_110949 copyThere is now some veg! Hurrah! Although the salads and herbs have been valiantly carrying on through the hungry gap, it is nice to pull some of these early Purple Haze, Yellowstone & St Valery carrots from the polytunnel. Especially since the carrots drilled in April never appeared; or if they did, they were razed off immediately, probably by blumin slugs (a la 2012). The patch of ground in the field looked pretty good when I sowed them, but it was the patch that was under water for days at a time in January and February, so I guess it’s no surprise really that hundreds of the little grey blighters lurked in the ground, as well as the giant black and brown pests. I suppose the lesson there is, even though it’s tempting to drill early, even if the weather conditions look good, and the weather forecast is good, the pest forecast has to be right too. If there’s nothing else around for them to eat,  guess they will attack what I plant out.

Miraculously the parsnips made it next door though; I think the carrots were scoffed by slugs when there was little else for them to eat; and then the week or so later when the parsnips germinated, the slugs had moved on to something else in the headlands, and newly germinated fllush of weeds. Bastards.

IMG_20140529_104803 copyThey also had pretty much the whole lot of early fennel that I planted our a couple of weeks ago. Sigh. Even more reason to celebrate the survival of all these lovely baby rainbow carrots frmo the polytunnel I suppose! I saw a toad disappear into the foliage last week, hopefully hunting down slugs. Love toads.


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