Just In Time!

IMG_20140509_172704 copyPhew! Catch my breath a minute. I’ve been toiling away in the sun all day (gurt lush!), wheel-hoeing a few bits and pieces such as the early brassicas (well, the mostly re-planted ones to make up for the early slug-scoffed ones), broad beans which are now up, and first lot of dwarf French beans; although the top end of the field looks like a desert with nothing at all there. I’m not quite sure what’s going on up there; nothing has germinated (even weeds) – or if it has, it’s been grazed off straight away by slugs/pigeons etc. The same thing happened (to a bigger area) in 2012; and like 2012 the carrots still aren’t showing, even though a few parsnips are. The tilth they were sown into wasn’t great, because the soil was a bit too damp to rotovate properly, which might partly explain it; so I’m not sure whether things will appear, but later; or whether that’s it. I’ll give it a few more weeks and showers to see what happens.

Talking of showers, that was why I’ve been planting, planting, planting today! I didn’t bother putting anything in the ground on Friday last week, because the hot weather might have taken a few casualties; but now the forecast is for rain tonight from around 10pm, and then showers for the rest of the week (with sun in between, ideal for growing!). So in went more kale (mostly Red Russian, with a bit of green curly Westland Winter); lettuce, handful of leftover rainbow chard; butternut squashes (the last of the squash); sunflower; and 2 trays of Fino bulb fennel. Plus I drilled another row of spinach (Renegade of course), a row of Milan Purple Top turnips, salad rocket, and 2 rows of St Valery carrots, just in case the main carrot crop comes to nothing (although that will muck up my carrot trials!). So all that was whacked in; and now I’m having a long drink (not booze – yet), and waiting for the rain to do its thing. Bring it on!


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