Hungry Hungry Gap

IMG_20140502_110247 copyGah, come on salads and things: grow faster! At least this mixture of sunshine and showers is excellent groing weather; but May always sees that awkward change-over, where the autumn/winter-sown crops are finishing/running to seed, and the spring-sown crops are a little slow to catrch up and take over. So salad leaves are a bit thin of the ground at the moment; although there are some rocket leaves, pea shoots, bull’s blood beetroot, chard, spinach, last few claytonia leaves, leaf celery, parsley, chives, coriander, sorrel, chervil flowers and shungiko. The lettuces out in the field are doing to the equivalent of a horse bunching up their legs underneath them, before shooting off and producing lots of lovely leaves; so hopefully it will be only be a few weeks before they are good to pick. The crops drilled in the field in April are just starting to show now too (beetroot, chard, spinach, broad & dwarf French beans); although the carrots and parsnips are still hiding under the new flush of weeds. Fingers crossed I don’t get a repeat of sluggy 2012 and have no roots at all!

Meanwhile the module tunnel is full to bursting with crops nearly ready to go out in the field or other tunnels; the pumpkins and squashes will probably go out next week; and once the baby turnips are ready to pick, I can clear them and put the rest of the tomato plants in too. Then it will be harvest-time until next year!


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