Top Tomatoes

IMG_20140501_151119 copyDespite (because of?) the drizzle, it’s felt like the first day of summer to me – I’ve planted my early tomatoes! So exciting! Phelim & Ros were kind enough to give me some of their spare tomatoes at the growers’ meeting last Friday too (they both have heated propagation so their plants are a bit ahead of mine); so I’ve got a great mix of my Berner Rose, Tigerella, Red Alert, Golden Cherry, Green Zebra, Golden Queen, Black Cherry and Vanessa (F1), plus some of their Black Krim (heirloom variety from Crimea), Aperitif F1 (cherry), Rosella F1 (pink cherry) and some others. Mostly exciting, I have 4 Indigo Rose plants, producing blue – BLUE! – tomatoes. Apparently the taste is pretty bland; but THEY’RE BLUE! Very excited to see how they turn out; should be an interesting addition to me usual mixed tomatoes punnets, which are pretty colourful anyway.

I’ve also popped in some chilli plants, a few Black Pearl aubergines and some sweet peppers too; Phelim also gave me some Diablo ox horn sweet peppers which I’ve not tried before, so am looking forward to them. I’ve only put 2 rows of tomatoes, peppers etc in for now; once the baby turnips and chard are finished on the other side of the tunnel (probably 2 weeks), the later tomatoes and peppers should be ready to plant out too in the remaining 4 rows. So hurrah for May!


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