Filled With Beans

IMG-20140418-00862 copyI managed to get the climbing beans in the polytunnel on Friday, huzzah! A row of a mix of purple (Blauhilde), yellow (Neckargold) and green (Cobra), plus a few Borlotti beans which I might pick young for the bean mix, or leave to dry. I also put in a row of sweet peas behind them: a mix of Old Spice (purples and pinks) bought and saved seed, plus some white Mrs Collier. They are in half of the New Tunnel: I think I’m going to have to change this tunnel’s name, it went up in 2012 after all, and I might manage to get another small tunnel up this year so I’ll end up confusing myself. I think I might call it the Vole Tunnel, since I can always hear the little monkeys squeaking away to each other in there, more so than the other tunnels since it’s just a bit further away from the car park, farmshop and carpenters’ barns so a bit quieter.


IMG-20140418-00859 copy IMG-20140418-00860 copyWhile clearing away the bolted salad brassicas that were there, and lifting up the salad Mypex prior to rotovating and laying the bean Mypex, I disturbed a nest of 4 young field voles (vole-lings? Vole-lets?) who were too young and dopey in the warmth to run away from me. Damn it, why are they so cute? I find it hard to ‘dispense’ with things unless I actually catch them red-handed (slugs are always red-handed, they were born looking guilty); so mouse traps around seeds and young plants that catch their prey are fine. I nudged the volelings to the side of the tunnel, so they wouldn’t get munched by the rotovator. A couple disregarded my warning though, and kept running back into the middle of the tunnel. It was tempting to let natural selection take it’s course; but it’s hard to harden your heart on a sunny day, so I kept nudging them back again to safety. If they nibble and destroy my beans mind you, that will be a different story.


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